I am a father of 7 (and no, we're not catholic or religious in any way),  a web applications architect and an entrepreneur. I earned a BSc in Computer Science. I am part owner of A Healthy Philosophy and have had my own consultancy business for 16 years. I have worked in a number of industries, with the most recent being Education.

My interests include Sci-fi (especially Dr Who and Star Trek), Crime/Mystery, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Efficiency, Gardening, Camping, Cooking, Business Theory, Programming, and basically anything that involves systems that are efficient and moving towards independence and self-actualization.

This site is for me to keep my thoughts in order. I've decided to make some parts of it public in the hope that someone else may find value in it.

I was born in England in the mid-70's. We moved to South Africa in the early 80's. My father was a civil engineer and we moved around to be near the rail and road projects my father was working on. I left South Africa and moved to the UK just before the fall of apartheid. I spent a year and a half studying electronics at a technical school there before moving to Canada. Living near Vancouver, I completed high school and then moved to Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley where I went on to get my BSc.

The family
The Family

I met my wife, Kelli, while in university. We had our son Jack just after I graduated and then went on to have Emily, Taylor, Imogen, Alice and most recently, our twins Calisi and Riker.